EDTC300, Weekly Blogs

Scratch that!

Scratch Coding
My attempt at Scratch Coding

This week I made an attempt at using the website Scratch to create a game. I like Scratch because it’s free and has tutorials on how to create your own games. However I find that from a students perspective this may be a little challenging. Perhaps I would try this in the classroom as it would be a trial and error sort of process for me.

Personally  I found the website to be a little challenging to navigate and understand. But I do like that there are tutorials available to use.

I thought it would be funny to make the cat bark like a dog.

Anyone else?  Scratch Website

EDTC300, Learning Project

ScreenCast Anyone?

Are you starting to get the hang of it yet?

Kind of! It’s definitely a learning process.

This week my focus has been on actually recording and providing a video that I can upload. I found a great tool that I wasn’t familiar with and thought I would give it a try. (Link below) I like that the website has different tutorials on how to use it. At first I went straight to YouTube to watch a tutorial. How to Use ScreenCast. I just wanted a quick run down of how it worked.

I am still using this tutorial to learn the Bob Dylan’s version Knocking on Heaven’s Door 

Website to Screencast

EDTC300, Learning Project

Sudden Realization

I realized that I need to expand my resource list and I feel a little bad because I spend most of my time learning how to navigate this site. Stick with me!

Check out this video of Keith Urban teaching the song I am learning:

Keith Urban’s Knocking on Heavens Door Tutorial for Acoustic Guitar

I like it because I can slow down the time and Keith explains each guitar chord step-by-step. I’ve also had to print out some extra music sheets: if you’re interested check out this link for a free resource on the 4 fret board (blank sheet) Guitar Music Fret Board Sheet

I am still aiming for that 15 minutes daily practice and have yet to find a resource to add my videos to that isn’t too complex. Do you have any suggestions for me other than YouTube?


EDTC300, Learning Project

Back to the beginning (sort of)

Making new guitar picks!!
Making new guitar picks!

It’s been decided! 

I am going to restring the guitar so that I can play with my left-hand. Though, I wanted to challenge myself by playing with my non-dominant hand I find that I am not improving with strumming. One thing that I like about the community that I live in is that it is very small so it wasn’t hard to find someone that was willing to help me restring my guitar. While on my way to the gas station this week I saw a gentleman who I knew played, I’ve saw him around last week and soo badly wanted to ask but got shy. I finally asked this week. 

He was more than happy to help me out and to restring the guitar. I am going to try to upload the video I have, I find that I can strum waaaay better with my left hand.

My printer ran out of black ink (being 2 hours from Regina) I wasn’t able to get some right of way so I had to once again (make do) with that I had. Definitely going to have to print out more music sheets!!

Also still using the same guitar tuner app called Guitar Tuna that was recommended, I absolutely love it because it’s easy to use.

Check back in for videos!!

EDTC300, Learning Project

The Baseline!!

I finally decided that I am going to learn how to play the guitar!!

So excited!! Follow me on my journey as I upload videos, audio recordings, pictures, and personal reflections throughout the semester.

The first week is about learning the basics of the guitar, the vocabulary, strings, and tuning. This is going to be the first time ever that I play a guitar!

I find that a lot of the resources were for right handed players, I am left handed but I thought why not try using my right hand.

It is challenging!!

But I am still going to attempt playing on my right side.

My goal is to practice 15-20 minutes daily playing and at least 30-45 minutes learning the chords on different online resources.

Two songs I aim to play:

-Hey Tonight       -Knockin’ on Heavens Door

Probably in a much slower version but my goal was to start somewhere!!


Guitar Learning Project


Welcome to my journey of becoming a teacher.

My name is is Thunderbird Bowering.

I am in my second year in the elementary program at the U of R.

Currently I have some experience in educational technology and understanding some of the assistive technology devices for children with special needs. However, I find that with today’s technology we have access to more resources and I would like to learn more.  Also, I’m not too familiar with blogging so this is a learning experience for me.

Check back in often for more updates as the journey continues!!